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Jinjiang Technology Origin:
Kam: determined nylon industry, highlighting the industry characteristics.
JJ: from the Central Plains, Chengdu, highlighting determined to Kyushu to take the meaning of the Central Plains have the Central Plains who in the world it is "aspirations to the Zhongyuan or Zhuluzhongyuan".
3 Technology: Chinese entrepreneurs determined to science and technology, and strive to become a made ​​in China to Created in China.


Jinjiang Technology LOGO Interpretation:
In the rolling waves of technology and business development "Ocean Blue", "Jin" the word, a phonetic alphabet J, formed two white sails, the wind and waves, towards the bright front of.
He beckons us Jinjiang, the blue ocean of enterprise development, must always seek to forge ahead;
It means we Jinjiang people must be afraid of difficulties and forge ahead;
The front is red, symbolizing the bright future;
JJ JJ will be driving the ship in the sea of waves tumbling market and forge ahead, go ahead!