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Fujian Jinjiang Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "JJ")
was incorporated in April 2006, in China specializing in the high-end
nylon fiber production and marketing. China Department of one of the
importing country of the world's leading nylon fiber; JJ set up to benefit
from continued growth in demand for nylon fiber products.





JJ located in the famous textile city in China - Fujian Changle. The Changle factory from the Fuzhou Port is only 18 km, 8 km from Fuzhou Changle International Airport.










JJ from the famous German man-made fibers, industrial machinery manufacturing business Oerlikon - the Barmag company (of Oerlikon-Barmag) to import advanced technology models of equipment. In April 2008, Jinjiang two 128 nylon production line. March 2009, Jin Jiang, Changle City, Fujian Province created by Nylon Industrial Co., Ltd. acquired a production line. As a result, JJ's annual production capacity to 125,000 tonnes (100 denier yarn). JJ's main products are:



(1) nylon 6 tensile wire (FDY);
(2) Nylon 6 high cis to the wire (HOY,);
(3) nylon 6 partially oriented yarn (POY);
(4) Nylon 66 drawn yarn (FDY,);
(5) Nylon 66 high along the wire (HOY,);
(6) nylon 66, partially oriented yarn (POY).






JJ has been the establishment of product quality tracking system to ensure its product quality to maintain high industry standards, and JJ has now achieved ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification.


With the growth of China's economic growth and demand for nylon fiber products, Jinjiang is committed to become China's leading high-end nylon fiber manufacturers.



Fujian JingFeng Technology Co., Ltd. Profile

  Fujian Jingfeng Technology Co., ltd., launched in 2012, is a modern high-tech company and a key enterprise in Fujian which specializes in research and development and smart production of polyamide fiber. New material division subordinate Eversun holding nylon. Its registered capital amounts to RMB 300 million. Total investment is up to RMB 3.98 billion. Its floor area is about 500 mu. spinning can produce 200,000 tons a year. There are 540 existing employees. It is estimated that, after it goes into full operation, the employees will reach 1200, people and labor will be decreased by 40% compared with peers. Its annual output value will amount to RMB 10 billion.